Sunday, 4 December 2011

One more post: Final exam questions

10 of the following 15 questions will be on the final. Here're what I think the answers are (if you know better, I'll trade my peanut butter and jelly sandwich for your..).
  1. What is the most common type of malware? Trojan
  2. When is a person's work subject to copyright? As soon as the work is created
  3. Where was the first virus created? Pakistan
  4. On Flickr, what does the creative commons license allow for someone to be able to do with someone else's photo? Either nothing, or to share freely, or to share with attribution to the creator depending on the license
  5. What are the possible factors which might threaten your identity and privacy online? Open question. e.g. Not limiting your privacy settings on SNS sites like Facebook to only known people, visiting sites of questionable intent, clicking on suspicious-looking advertisements..
  6. Who did Mae Ueda get malware from via Facebook? Her host-father in Canada
  7. Spam mails always offer you dating websites.  True/False? False
  8. In the 1990s, how was the first virus spread? Floppy disc
  9. How many hours Americans spend on Facebook on average? 7 hours/month
  10. CC Licensing replaces copyright law. True or False? False
  11. Malware is short for what? Malicious software
  12. What is the possible problem when smartphone/i-phone catches a malware? Your privacy and private information could be in danger, your device might not work properly, you might spread the malware to others etc.
  13. What is the name of the company that Facebook has partnered up with to protect users from malicious links? Websense
  14. How can you remove your personal information from services such as facebook? Use informational websites like
  15. Which Japanese well known industry that has almost gotten malware attack? Kawasaki Heavy


  1. I thought the first virus was created in Pakistan?

  2. Yep it was. Bad memory. Now corrected.

  3. I like your style!

    This will teach your so-called "professor" to share possible test questions with the class.

    Heh, heh - it might even get him trouble.

    Hope you and the others have a successful final exam. You've all done some amazing work with the digital storytelling.

  4. OMG, you're just AWESOME!!
    Everytime you're awesome!

  5. The teacher has already taught you the answers to the test questions, or the questions wouldn't be on the exam, would they? So one student aggregates and publishes the answers and others read the answers, hopefully thereby actually learning the answers if he or she didn't know already. Learning by social networking? I don't have a problem with that!
    If the teacher wanted to lock down the exam, believe me, he could have! I suspect it is more likely the teacher has gotten one over on you than the other way around!

  6. Exactly. Learning by social networking. And I never said that these were the answers anyway; these are merely my attempts at the answers, to which I'm inviting my classmates to provide their opinions (which works! hence the correction made from the comments above :P)

  7. "Learning by social networking"
    That one resonates, doesn't it? Sandy Jensen, should write a book with that title ;)

    Once again, William, the class owes you one...well, I went around everyone's blog to get the answers one by one, then yours pops up on my feeds...

  8. Swad: <3 :D

    Actually I see it as a group effort. I give you the base, and everyone who looks at it lets me know of errors, if any, and we both benefit from that

  9. Yeah, of course I know that insight!