Thursday, 8 September 2011

Lost & Found

So hi. I wanted my first "proper" post on this blog to be something about technology, the Internet, maybe even something about Vannevar Bush and his wacky steampunk ideas of what he conceived the Internet to be (i.e. This is a blog made for a university class). But no. Maybe later.

See, I lost my laptop yesterday. Left it on the train and just plain forgot when getting off. Hey, cue heart attack. Haha.

But no really, see I'm an art major who works primarily on the computer. I'm also a lazy dumb-ass who didn't back-up his work (well, along with my computer, I also had my pen tablet in there so it wouldn't really have made a big difference). Screwed is screwed. So yea, heart attack.

Don't worry. There's no funeral; I'm still here (I hear you cursing in the back there..). Made a call to JR and apparently someone returned it to Lost & Tsudanuma (Chiba). Go Japan. So yea it's over an hour's train ride away and I'm kinda wishing it was found somewhere closer to where I live but hey, I'm actually having the best day of my life now. Why? Perspective and context. It's funny, and I probably wouldn't be saying so if I didn't manage to get my stuff back but yea losing and then finding my all-important laptop's the "best thing" that's happened to me in a while. I'm bouncing off the walls right now, no caffeine...or weed. Oh sh-..

So what's this gotta do with...anything? Well it made me think, about technology, about us and how we interact. I was thinking about someone berating me for being so attached to my laptop (or other myriad devices pocketwi-fiisthebestthingever), but then (and you may call bias on this) I realised: Doesn't it all work out anyway? If we're so attached (too attached?) to our devices and technology, doesn't that mean that we use it, need it, want it somehow? It's like saying you're too attached to your shoes because you wear them everyday, but seriously how many people are gonna go barefoot after reading this (maybe the wise-asses would say flip-flops but yea)?

So maybe some would call me too "attached" to certain forms of technology. Some people have a Facebook addiction. Some people drink too much coffee. So what? Technology is a part of our lives; the Internet is, Wikipedia is. It's not gonna go away unless someone starts WWIII over...I dunno a stolen doughnut or something but even in that scenario we'd probably have other stuff to worry about over our dependence on technology. Like stolen doughnuts. And lost laptops.


And hey, maybe I brought this post back to technnology after all.

A page from my original manga series EXE. Maybe related.


  1. Good thing you got your laptop back!!

  2. This is fantastic. I've so enjoyed your ds106 work and the tutorial videos shared, so am back reading your blog.

    Embrace your attachment, its ok. The manga, is divine.

  3. Thank you! And yea my attachment isn't going anywhere anytime soon :P