Sunday, 18 September 2011

The Most Selfish Thing

You can do, is exactly what you want.


  1. But is that wrong, and would you have that right?

  2. Definitely not wrong, and you surely have the right (as long as it doesn't directly interfere with others rights and liberties ;) ) ...At least in America, these are the funding principles for happiness..and they've worked for me thus far; made me happy for sure. As a Matter-of-fact I always live my life this way, day by day. Tokyo is so restrictive, though, I found my self frustrated for not being able to do what I want here...mainly for financial reasons :P

  3. Oh and IT IS NOT SELFISH! Only the norms we're introduce to by society force us to FEEL that it's selfishness, for numerous reasons, religion being one of the main binding principles. But if religion where out of the picture (which is rarely the case) we would feel guilty at watching those we love around us NOT doing what makes them happy, and thus develop this selfish notion when we do what we want...I don't mean to impose my thoughts, but it's worth credit for the class :D And I REALLY recommend the book "The Alchemist" for you to read if you haven't yet, it's an awesome story detailing this norms! xD

  4. I think it depends on what you want, what you desire, and also, what you've done for yourself.

    Well, for example, if someone wants a Ferrari, but never works to earn money or never make efforts for it, THAT'S absolutely selfish. (But only desiring's OK, though.)
    Also, if a person is blaming others for their not understanding him/her without speaking out anything, THAT also IS a selfish thing. That's a thing allowed only for children who are not knowing how to speak out themselves.

    Now, I believe you are an adult who has a certain level of understanding things.
    You know what is good/bad, and know what you have to do to aim for a thing.
    You'll be fine! :)