Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Project 1QAD

Took a shower; had an idea, with inspiration from The Daily Shoot and recent class ponderings about pop culture.

Here's a proposal: Quotes. A word, a sentence; they represent an idea, personify a theme, a memory. In turn, quotes referencing pop culture have the ability to resonate with a large group of like-minded people, to take you down memory lane or to identify yourself as a member of some particular group.

So what am I proposing? Simple:
  1. Think of a quote (a line, a meme; any memorable text) that is somehow related to or derived from pop culture
  2. Go to Twitter
  3. Tweet your quote, adding the hashtag "#1qad", and today's date

Anyone looking at 1qad Tweets will theoretically see a list of quotes, hopefully with some that they know and can identify with. If you think you know where a quote is from, Tweet the person back to see if you're right.

Here's an example:
The Captain is in.
I Tweet: #1qad "By your powers combined..." 21/09/11
Someone searching "#1qad" sees my quote and sends me a message: Captain Planet, or alternatively completes the quote with, "...I am Captain Planet."
Both parties can then rest easy in the knowledge that they aren't the only ones who used to watch a blue man in red tights and green hair wax lyrical about being eco-friendly.

How's that? I'm currently planning to start the project after getting 4 co-conspirators, so if you think you like Project 1QAD (1 Quote A Day, for those of you who haven't figured it out yet) and want in, send me a comment after this post!


  1. Could it be Japanese ---> English translated quotes, too?
    Actually, I'm thinking of translating by myself if I couldn't find the English-translated one for my quotes...

  2. This is an awesome idea. I haven't checked the twitter hashtag yet but will do it soon.

    This looks to have the makings of a very interesting project. I wonder if it will be possible to get the rest of the class involved (or even people outside of the class on the net).

    It reminds me of some of the stuff the people at ds106 are doing in fact, I would suggest that you submit this to them as a project idea.

  3. ds106? Is that related to the Daily Shoot thing or soething else entirely?

  4. ds106 is something entirely different. It is a digital storytelling class at University of Mary Washington in Virginia. It is also available for free to anyone who wants to take it.

    We will be looking at it a little bit during our own digital storytelling section of the course.

    If yo want to plan ahead either check the #ds106 hashtag or follow @jimgroom.

    BTW, there is also a #ds106radio that is connected to the station - from time to time your professor can be heard playing music and talking there.

  5. Thanks for the info, and for the publicity in class on the 1QAD project :P

  6. I seriously didn't know about this until I just caught on by reading the thread.

  7. Slooooooooooooooowpooooooooooooooke...