Wednesday, 19 October 2011

On trolling superheroes

ds106 assignment on Triple Trolling.

Image: Superman Returns movie poster.
Quote: Spiderman.
Signature: Iron Man.

Wanted to go a little fancy this time and did a full movie poster troll. The idea came from realising the similarities between Iron Man, and Superman who is sometimes known as "The man of steel" (in fact I think it's gonna be the title of the next Superman flick).

With that the only thing left was to add a famous comic book superhero quote and when searching for good Superman images Spiderman's line on power and responsibility just seemed to fit the pose.

Tackling an entire movie poster this time presented its own unique challenges I think, and the main difficulty was in putting all the elements together without something giving it all away. That something was Superman's chest, as all of you spelling bee champs know, "Iron Man" does not start with an "S". Oh no. The solution was pretty simple once I realised it though, and a simple attempt to have glow lighting obscuring the "S" brought with it more context than I initially intended when realising that Iron Man himself has a bright glowy thing right there. :D

Video tutorial to follow. Full size here:

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  1. This is so brilliant, I love how you turned the Triple Troll Quotes into a movie poster. You rock so hard!

  2. Lol thank you, but actually I would say that Google Image Search rocks so hard.

    I wanted a Superman pic and it gave me a movie poster instead and I was just, "Eh why not?" :P

  3. I love the image.

    I love the video tutorial even more. From looking at the image, I'd have never figure out how to do this. Spending a few minutes watching and listening to you, I feel like I could do such a thing.

    Thank you!!

  4. Thanks! It's nice hearing that the tutorials "work" :P

    I'm using Jing and while it's really cool and all it has a 5min time limit on videos so I'm usually working with how to present things fast and clearly enough within that time frame.

    It might actually be a good thing though because I tend to ramble so giving me free reign of video recording might put people to sleep..zzz

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