Wednesday, 12 October 2011

I choose you

ds106 assignment on Messing with the MacGuffin.

Pokemon. Serious business.

UPDATE: Gonna talk a bit on my process here. So I was looking around ds106 for interesting assignments and I was attracted to this particular one because of a very interesting earlier submission.

One of the reasons I figured the thing worked though, was because it specifically drew on a movie that was really popular and that virtually "everyone" would recognise; the laugh is not only in putting new lines on pictures but also about having the original mood of the scene juxtaposed with your new work in the viewer's head.

It's with these concerns in mind that I worked on my own submission for the assignment, firstly looking through most of the past submissions to see what well-known franchises were already covered and trying to do something that had not (The Matrix). While looking through Google images for an appropriate picture I managed to stumble upon the one above, which I thought evoked enough of the "I know what this is from!" vibe while at the same time being ambiguous and strongly emotive enough to reappropriate.

Ironically with another well-known franchise: Pokemon. :P


  1. Well, THAT cracked me out!! XDXDXD

  2. Lol Funny Thing is that it might actually come out! Well, Since this ISSS the matrix XD

  3. Hehe was looking up some well-known movie scenes and I just had to do this :P

  4. Wow this is really good. It does actually feel like Pikachu is about to be summoned. What a great MacGuffin, Good Job! :D