Tuesday, 25 October 2011

On 1 quote a day, 7

ds106 assignment on quotes. Hint: It's not a movie this time..

Guess the source and/or complete this quote:

"Do a barrell roll!"
Oh and when you're done with this go check out 1QAD's latest member!


  1. I'm submitting the wiki entry for "Beer Barrel Polka."

    I recently heard that if I click the first link on a wiki entry and each of the successive first links, it will take me to philosophy.

    To tell the truth, that possibility freaks me out so much that I can't even attempt to confirm it. I think the internet would be better if all the first links on all the wiki pages led us back here, instead.

    Doh, sorry Mome, looks like I've hijacked your contest again. I promis to stop someday.

  2. I've been tapping L and R on my keyboard for a while now and still no Barrel Roll Peppy!

  3. Just noticed that my link for the all wiki links lead to philosophy doesn't display in the previous comment.

    Here's another try.

  4. Scott: Now I know what Beer Barrel Polka is O.o And yea the Wiki philosophy thing works. Hijack away!

    jeffmason's on a roll! A barrell roll! (I'm sorry! :P)