Wednesday, 19 October 2011

On recasting Vaders

ds106 assignment on recasting another ds106 assignment.

Assignment: Triple Troll Attack, GO!
Recast: Done in reverse! Triple trolling in search of the truth! The question is: Who is Darth Vader really???

With a little help from Wikipedia:
Image: James Earl Jones (voice of Darth Vader in Ep. III & IV)
Quote: Darth Vader in Ep. V
Signature: Played Darth Vader in Ep. II & III

I originally had an idea for a new assignment while in that most holy of places...the bathroom. The idea was to have a reversed Triple Troll assignment, where instead of going for a common theme of image, quote and signature spread out, one would think of a character/person who has been played by different people (say, cartoon characters' voice actors) and seek to portray a more "complete" picture of that character through the troll image (as above). Ironically this consisted of using the troll format to present a more accurate depiction of who that character really is, so remember kids, even trolls can be the heroes! (oh, and go use the bathroom more often kthxbye)


  1. fantastic - love this one for its thoughfulness and visually excellent photo

  2. You are taking these assignments to new dimensions! Let's here it for bathroom genius....

  3. I love how so many of your post have these gold nugget easter eggs - thanks for the "kthxbye"

    And the reverse TTQ is a cool idea - I've been trying to think of such a candidate for one and am not coming up with anything yet.

    If it were a song done by different performers, I'd go for a concert poster naming one band with an image of a different an mp3 of yet another band playing it (or even a midi version just for kicks) - but judging by the reaction (or lack of) to my recent TSAC submission, I don't know if I'm ready to submit another.

  4. Mm I think the reaction to the TSAC thing might be due to the references being kind of "get it or don't", like for me I've thought a few times of responding with my own submission but found that I don't actually know enough (if at all) guitarists. Those who do get it though, I'm sure they have gotten a kick out of the content and I don't think it's a bad assignment at all. In fact I'd say do more precisely because the reaction is lacking, because you never know what might pick up.

    As for the reverse trolling I think the concept works better with voiced characters, or those who have an air of mystery about them in the first place (i.e. those who don't show their faces) because that usually means the guy in the suit isn't the guy doing the voicework etc. Your take on using covered songs is an interesting one though and I would like to see how that could be realised because I think it's true that when you have different bands covering the same song...which one is the one that's actually definitive and becomes "cultural canon"?

  5. Triple Trolling the cover song sounds like a great idea. I wonder how that could be pulled off in an audio assignment or probably better a video mashup.

    Vader #4life!

  6. MBS: I think a post with an image and an embedded mp3 such as was done in the as yet obscure Troll Steals Axe Challenge would do the trick.

  7. All ds106 guitar/rock fans need to get on over there! :D