Sunday, 9 October 2011

On motion typography

This is fairly unrelated to anything else, but I usually use YouTube when working on the computer these days. No, not to watch videos (although there is that), but actually to create, add to and listen to music off my YouTube playlist. You should try it sometime, there are even audio books up there so go check it out.

And welcome back. See, I'm not really here to pitch audio books today. I'm here to talk about a thing called motion typography (sometimes known as kinetic typography, but you and I both know that those are two words meaning the same thing...right?). It's basically moving text that accompanies a line, phrase or speech and apparently originates in the fields of advertising and film. And speaking of film..

So what do you think? I think it's pretty cool, and even cooler that it actually shows you less than what the original scenario came with (only the original audio), but has an equally impacting effect. Thing is, with modern programs and sites like YouTube this has really opened up the realm of motion typography in recent years to just about anyone so even if motion typography wasn't originally intended in a movie scene at all, that doesn't mean that fans have to sit still and be good for Christmas (see: Fan-made motion typography video to an anime opening theme, below):

So what does this all mean, what does it signify? Well...actually I just wrote this post because I came across this video on my YouTube top page first; a simple breakdown of the Sony PlayStation logo that someone did:

I thought it was pretty cool (maybe even better than Sony's own startup animation), but it also reminded me of the whole motion typography thing which I had come across a few years before. Just thought I'd share the awesome.


  1. Hey William, I've meaning to tell you that I enjoyed this post, and I too use youtube solely for music when I'm working on my computer :) Those playlist are awesome!

  2. Haha yea they're great right. Thanks for the comment!