Tuesday, 11 October 2011

On 4 icons

My 4 Icon Challenge submission for ds106.
What movie???


Aaand the answer:

Here's the How:
  1. Think of 4 images/concepts as per the assignment (in this case a visual "X", "Man", a Nazi swastika referencing WWII, and a mushroom cloud to reference the clash between the main characters Professor X and Magneto).
  2. Search for suitable images on Google images (keywords "male toilet sign", "nazi swatika", "mushroom cloud"; the "X" was made easily enough :P). Images provided below.
  3. Put images together on Photoshop (but any image editing software will do).
  4. On Photoshop, just for style, turn all images into silhouettes. Alternatively people can just add the word "silhouettes" to their Google image search to find more suitable images that do not require editing.
  5. Submit. :D
Images from Google image search.

1 comment:

  1. You are clever! At first I thought this could be "The Shindler's List" mainly because the Nazi swastika icon stuck out to me the most.