Thursday, 20 October 2011

On 1 quote a day, 2

ds106 assignment on quotes.

Guess the source and/or complete this quote:
"Snakes. Why did it have to be snakes?"


  1. Harrison Ford--Raiders of the Lost Ark!
    I win I win I win!!!

  2. Congrats @Sandy - I was gonna guess that movie with Samuel L. Jackson from a couple of years back. I think the title was "Snakes in a Plane."

    Keep the Quotes a day coming. Or can we do them post our own 1qad challenges ourselves? If so, does the hashtag go in the blogpost or just the twitter announce of our blogpost?

    Sorry for so many questions. But I think people are gonna dig this one. Maybe Groom should set up a tag on the ds106 blog thing for this.

  3. Well it's an open assignment now so actually I would appreciate it if everyone gets in on the action and does their own 1QAD :D

    I'm...not sure what you mean by hashtag though. The #1qad hashtag? That's for the Twitter one which I've sort of put on the backburner in favout of the one on ds106, unless people have other ideas on how this could be improved?

  4. Gotcha on the new venue. But I was thinking about people tweeting the Quote a Day blogpost when they make one. I think when I do one I'll use the hashtag on the twitter.

  5. ah, good idea. I'll start doing that from the next time

  6. I'm finally in and have posted my first 1 Quote a Day and used the #1quad hashtag.

    As I said when I first saw you guys doing this on twitter, this has the potential for being a great community building activity.

    I might use a version of it with the class next semester now that Daily Shoot is no more.

  7. Woohoo! :D Score one for 1qad!