Monday, 17 October 2011

On the orange that wanted to be a lime

ds106 assignment on re-colouring an object.

Re-coloured from this image here:


My consideration here, as with the previous attempt was to start with an object that was already strongly associated with a colour, and then to break that association. As such an orange seemed like an ideal subject.

A quick search on flickr provided the required image, and I began to tweak the object colour in Photoshop (which didn't actually take very long). When done, I decided to go a little further and add the "Lime" tag at the bottom, as well as the text, just to add to the subject of an orange's change of colour.

UPDATE: Video tutorial added. For full size, click here.

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  1. I liked that short story of yours... :D

  2. Could you possibly rip up this class any more? Your stuff is a blast to read, and your tutorials have been insanely helpful. I am a big fan

  3. Reminds me of Freakonomics BUT BETTER! Love that you included your process and a video tutorial. Totally RAD!

  4. That's really effective- the color looks natural and surreal at the same time. And I cannot thank you enough for sharing your techniques in the videos- very valuable to us all!

  5. Stella & Alan: Thanks for the compliments! Actually, I wouldn't be doing any of the tutorials at all if not for redbaiters' suggestion of screencapturing site Jing, sometime ago ( So he's the real man with the plan! :D