Monday, 10 October 2011


The poster references 300, specifically this scene:

But actually I kinda had the scene on the brain a little before that, having recently discovered the "This is Sparta!" meme.

  1. Think of a location that would have sufficient cultural recognition and that can be simplified into a minimalistic image.
  2. Tagline brainstorming.
  3. Searching for appropriate reference images on Google image search ("looking down" and "kicking" in this case).
  4. Drawing out the silhouettes on Photoshop.
  5. Submit. :D


  1. This is totally awesome. The ds106 folks would love this - if only they new about it.

    This is why you and your classmates will need to have your blogs syndicated on the ds106 master blog. I've set up a form that everyone needs to fill out for this purpose.

    BTW, I think you've captured the tone of the assignment much better than I did with the Paris, Texas poster.

  2. Already submitted the form. :) (after I posted this though; don't think it updates retroactively) I got the e-mail with the login info.