Sunday, 16 October 2011

On demotivational fantasies

ds106 assignment on demotivational posters.

Thought a bit about what kind of demotivational poster I wanted to try and ended up with that. The main image is the official logo for Final Fantasy XIII-2 (pronounced "thirteen-two"), and the rest is just simple text etc.


  1. Very cool, I love your aesthetic for the FInal Fantasy game and the black and pink-ish aesthetic is quite compelling. I love the design.

  2. omigosh that's HILARIOUS. No, really THIS is the FINAL, FINAL,
    Love it.

  3. Honestly, I agree. There's so few people left who were responsible for the series before the Enix merger. What kills me is that after the merger FF started going downhill but Dragon Quest stayed just as popular and well made.

    I wish they would focus on other series or give FF a rest for five years or so.

  4. I consider myself fortunate o not have gotten into the series till quite recent, meaning that their "downhill" trend doesn't affect me as much as others who would have a greater sense of nostalgia to what Square was. That said, even among recent installments I can see the drop (not FF, but the latest Front Mission was horrible). I can definitely see that the company is getting overcommercialised.

    Never quite got into DQ though. If the quality of that series is still up then that's a good thing, but the visual style is just not for me so..