Wednesday, 26 October 2011

On explaining 1 quote a day, and #8

So first off let's get this thing going. ds106 assignment on quotes.

Guess the source and/or complete this quote:

"Henshin-a-go-go, baby!"
And now that we're done with that I thought quote #8 would be a good time to provide a little bit of a primer on what this whole 1QAD thing is all about for those of you who are just joining us. So what is it? Well it's basically an idea inspired by 2 things: An in-class assignment on pop culture, and the Daily Shoot website, which tasked participants with taking and submitting 1 photo a day according to a provided theme.

From that I was musing about the possibilities and potential of quotes, which I personally believe is a strong indicator of one's interests and influences (and just for the record when I say "quotes" any text-based line is basically good for the taking; catchphrases, taglines, memes et al).

The Shadow knows.
The kinds of quotes people know and can identify with will differ from person to person, and there's also the possibility of being taken down memory lane when hearing a quote from years ago that never would have come up otherwise. In fact, when speaking of the surprising reactions and correct responses to my quotes one case that comes up in particular would be my #5, which I personally thought was kind of an obscure reference that perhaps nobody would be able to identify. Nevertheless several people did and now I know that one of my favourite movies is actually a lot more recognised than I thought, which is nothing if not cool. :)

So with that you basically have the idea and intention behind Project 1QAD. The Project actually started first on Twitter, and I believe a few people are still on that which is awesome, but my submissions will be continuing via this blog/ds106 for the time being so if anyone's interested feel free to join in, with your own quotes or just by guessing where each was taken from. See you on the Project!


  1. Though I am again stumped by your quote, I want to take a moment to thank you. As you know, I really dig the 1 Quote a Day Assignment. It's great to see how much activity has been generated in only one week.

    More importantly, I appreciate the write-up you've provided in your explanation. 1QAD seems an ideal mechanism for generating both playful and thoughtful discussion threads. This is important, IMHO (In My Humble Opinion).

  2. Haha I guess our influences are just that different huh. No biggie.

    It's nice to know that you like the assignment, and my write-up as well. Just thought I should provide some sort of intro since I realised that there wasn't really one provided once I switched over to the ds106 version (I was relying on the assignment descriptor).

    I also hope some of the quotes mentioned can generate some sort of response and I've definitely got that to some degree so far, although I am considering other alternatives such as placing periodic hints in the comments if the quote remains unsolved, and the possibility of talking about the previous day's quote and my personal connection to it so people can come back and get a little more out of the post.

  3. No one's got the answer yet so here's hint #1:
    Game quote.

  4. Final hint before moving on to the next quote: Transformation.

  5. So no one got this quote but here's the answer: From the game Viewtiful Joe on the PS2 and GameCube. A unique action spoof on Japanese superhero/sentai and movie culture.