Tuesday, 11 October 2011

On triple trolling

ds106's Triple Troll Attack assignment.

Photo: Ronald McDonald
Quote: KFC
Signature: Burger King

So. Who's up for some pizza?

UPDATE: A little bit on my thought processes for this work. So basically one of the key elements that makes for an interesting submission here I think, draws from the fact that you're trying to relate the 3 photo, quote and signature elements together somehow with something that draws them all together. Thinking about it though it's most effective when that connection becomes quite obvious and not too "loose" as to seem arbitrary, which is what IAmOdessa does in a submission that is quite different thematically, but which shares the same concerns, I think.

In this way the draw for my work above, or so I hope, is that one is able to laugh just a little harder seeing not only the disparate elements put together, but simultaneously how they jar with each other in terms of the accepted differences between various fast food chains.


  1. I'm still frightened by the Japanese version of Ronald McDonald. He really looks sinister - more like ICP material, IMHO.

  2. Haha, I think they balance it out with this:

  3. Mome,
    I think this brilliant, and the "who is up for some pizza" tagline at the end is brilliant. The triple troll assignment is becoming one of my favorite!

  4. You are amazing, good sir. +1 internets for you.

    @Otto: I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks so. The cartoon-y ones are especially frightening.

  5. redbaiters: Thanks!

    Carroll: Woohoo! Internets! :D

  6. The McDonalds in the Philippines serve fried chicken and spaghetti :P
    Sadly no pizza :C
    But good one!

  7. Wow..spaghetti (I like First Kitchen, can ya tell? ;D)