Wednesday, 19 October 2011

On 1 quote a day

ds106 assignment on quotes (and the guessing thereof), adapted from the Project 1QAD on Twitter.

Guess the source and/or complete this quote:
"Where on Earth is Ca______________?"


  1. Carmen SanDiego!?

    Or not?

    Where in the WORLD is Carmen San Diego!?

  2. So with this latest version of 1qad - are we hoping to have it happen in blog or twitter hashtag space?

    Seems to me that the twitter or facebooks are more well suited for it.

    Or am I missing something?

  3. Giulia: Bingo!

    Scott: Well I'm assuming there'll be more feedback on ds106 so I'm gonna be focusing on that for now, although yes normally Twitter/Facebook would be more suited

  4. I reign!

    no, actually you reign mome. Seriously seriously good stuff here.

  5. Hahaha how about a tie?

    Stay tuned for the next 1qad! ;)

  6. Forsythe is far too humble. I think you are co-reigners too!