Sunday, 16 October 2011

On colorising worlds

ds106 assignment on re-colouring an object.

Once again done on Photoshop, with the considerations this time on taking something that seems almost inseparable from its original colour, and then changing that colour. The idea of the interaction between Mario and the red box is something that came a little after, following some thought on the character's pose and how I could play around with that.

*Admittedly, this piece was not created specifically for this assignment, having been made prior for a Daily Shoot submission on the topic of "Yellow". I thought it fit quite perfectly with the assignment goals though.


  1. nice colors what was your strategy on changing the colors of mario this is well done. I used the gradient map tool under the images-adjustments-then gradient map.

  2. I used a similar strategy to what I did here:

    It's basically copying the image and playing with saturation. There's a video tutorial in the above link if you're interested :)