Tuesday, 18 October 2011

On Pokemon consumers

ds106 assignment on reinterpreting a logo with the inclusion of what one buys most at the place.

And the original 7 & iHoldings logo:

So here's the rundown: For those of you not in the know convenience stores in Japan are really living up to the name (being convenient, who would've thought it!). I go there all the time to buy food, stationery and other miscellaneous stuff but the one thing I go to 7-11 specifically for is Pokemon merchandise; cards, lucky draw prizes etc. simply because the other convenience stores don't carry that particular item (they've got other awesome stuff but that's for a different post).

Given the above I decided to go in and reinterpret the 7-11 logo with a Pokemon twist and the above image is the result. My considerations this time were about how to balance the iconography of the original logo with the Pokemon reference(s), and what really got me started I guess was the circular "swish" that the 7 & iHoldings version had, which I reappropriated into a pokeball. Other ways of balancing the two elements were by maintaining the original logo colours, and trying to keep each object (the ball vs. the "7") from becoming too prominent.

Video tutorial of some of the processes to follow (full size here):
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  1. There should be a 7-11 in the Pokemon world, and your logo be perfect for that.

  2. lol. I wanna be in that world :P

  3. Do they sell Pokemon themed slushies at 7-Elevens in Japan too? The cross-promotional opportunities would be endless...

    Squirtle Slush Slime

    I guess that would only work in English though as they have different names than they do in Japanese.

    P.S. I really like the tutorial. I actually didn't even notice the Pokeball until I watched the video, it was very subtle, but brilliant!

  4. Mm..Squirtle slush... :D

    And no actually 7-11s here don't really have slushies at all! They have lots of other stuff though and when Black/White first came out they had all kinds of promotions